Microsoft 365 - Endpoint Discovery

Endpoint Discovery

Discovery Mode

  • Tags assigns dedicated endpoints as probes (e.g. scoped deployment), instead of all endpoints, the ‘all devices’ setting is default and the recommended setting.
  • Exclusions adds IP-addresses or subnets to exclude from Standard discovery, for example highly sensitive devices. Basic discovery is always enabled.
  • Monitored networks provides an overview of Monitored networks (and the option to enable unmonitored networks that did not meet the enterprise network requirements).

Endpoints overview

  • Onboarded are endpoints are managed by MDE
  • Can be onboarded are discovered endpoints not managed by MDE
  • Unsupported are discovered endpoints not supported (e.g. not supported O.S.) by MDE
  • Insufficient Info are discovered endpoints but not enough information is available (e.g. deprecated endpoints)

Advanced hunting

Vulnerability Management

Microsoft 365 Security portal

  • Devices discovered in your organization — Summarizes discovered unmanaged endpoints distribution by device type.
  • Devices discovered in the last 7 days — Summarizes the number of new endpoints recently discovered.
  • Discovered devices to onboard — Presents the number of discovered supported endpoints that were not onboarded to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.




Chief Technology Officer @ Nedscaper

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Derk van der Woude

Derk van der Woude

Chief Technology Officer @ Nedscaper

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