Azure subscription hijacking and cryptomining

The attack

  • The Azure AD break-glass account was compromised (e.g. the password was obtained from the dark web; brute-force password attack or re-used password from past SaaS hack like LinkedIn in 2012) and was used to logon to the victim-tenant Azure portal (via a VPN or TOR browser to hide their source IP-address).
  • A guest account was created (requires elevated permissions in Azure AD: Global Administrator, Guest Inviter or User Administrator) in the victim-tenant with an account from the attacker-tenant (e.g., this account needs a mailbox for to verify the invitation.
  • The newly created guest account got Owner permissions (requires elevated permissions in Azure: Owner or User Access Administrator) on the Azure subscription in the victim-tenant.
  • Logon from the attacker-tenant to the Azure portal (section subscriptions) and switch directory to the victim-subscription
  • Change directory to transfer the Azure subscription to the attacker-tenant (Azure AD).
  • Attacker deployed (10) Azure VMs (e.g. NVv4- (GPU) or Mv2-series) to mine cryptocurrency. See example for pricing (starting from …. )

Azure subscription

Protect (Prevention)

Multi Factor Authentication [MFA]

Block Access from untrusted locations


Final words




Chief Technology Officer @ Nedscaper

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Derk van der Woude

Derk van der Woude

Chief Technology Officer @ Nedscaper

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